Experiences Comes First

When evaluating a commercial or other advertisement, the product such as the luxury convertible or newest phone is almost always portrayed as enabling an experience: the luxury car is being driven on beautiful winding mountain roads, and the phone is sharing pictures of an amazing sunset or birthday celebration. But what happens if you don’t have a luxury car or the newest phone? The best part is – the experience still happens! Whether driving a luxury convertible or your current 2002 Honda Accord, is the windshield clean and the car maintained? The winding mountain roads will be just as beautiful!  If you forget your phone at home, does the birthday celebration still happen? Of course it does! You might even enjoy it more without the burden of taking endless pictures for internet strangers to “like.”

Life happens regardless of whether you’ve bought the latest product or received approval on social media. Experiences are often commoditized, but the world is an endless playground where you can choose to enjoy life directly, inexpensively, and with minimal distractions. Instead of buying things, DO things!

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