Necessities Are Not Advertised

Imagine all the commercial messages you’ve ever seen or read: sports drinks, beauty products, luxury cars, 11-piece dining room sets, and the latest generation smartphone. What do they all have in common? They’re for unnecessary products or services.

If you need something, you know you need it, without needing to see a shiny print ad for it. Even commercials for drugs to treat embarrassing medical issues follow this pattern – if you can’t get an erection, you’ll call your doctor, without needing to see a TV spot. However, seeing that Viagra ad places their drug at your top-of-mind, when any of the multiple drug treatments your doctor could suggest would likely be just as effective.

Remember this next time you get the urge to lay down cash – have you recently seen an ad for the product or service you’re about to buy? If so, remember, it’s not a necessity. Act accordingly.

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