Newly Redesigned Packaging!

Do you have the recurring feeling that the money you spend, day to day, doesn’t return as much as you’d expected? Fresh (damn right that’s a capital F) pair of shoes, larger-than-your-mattress flatscreen, and smartphone that could coordinate a moon landing losing their luster quicker than you’d expected?

Material goods get absorbed into the background of our daily lives and new ads appear almost instantly for the next great life-improving device (Can’t get laid? There’s no app for that…you know who writes apps, right?).

Just. One. More. Upgrade. How quickly that uneasy feeling of needing improve, renovate, and shop returns. What the hell are we trying to buy? Hint: it’s not a device for calling friends, getting us from A to B, or keeping us warm.

Let’s step back, drop the magazine, click off the TV, and look in the mirror. Goals, motivations, and insecurities are exploited by marketing until we’re convinced our aspirations can somehow all be realized by laying down our plastic one more time.

There are two words I want to talk about. One is “more” and one is “enough.“ With the right mindset, what’s something you can have right now that some of the richest CEOs will doggedly pursue until the day they die? Enough. Enough is not the number on your bank statement or in your 401K. Enough is a mindset, and without that mindset, enough is transformed into ‘more.‘ Lets think about the reasons we spend time and money consuming, and strategies for habits that lead to contentment – not a 9 page credit card statement. Dig in, I think the upside – more savings, less stress, higher self-esteem, and greater ability to focus and be truly present for friends and family, is worth a read.

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